Gold Gold

Gold Bar

A gold bar is a gold ingot which may be produced in many different types, weights and categories.

Gold Bar Types

Gold bars are classified into two different classes cast and minted based on their method of manufacturing. Cast bars are made by pouring molten gold into an ingot mold to help the gold to take a form. Minted bars are made from gold blanks that have been hand cut to the required dimensions from a flat piece of gold. Markings are almost always applied by presses.

Gold Bar Value

Before 1968 gold traded at a fixed price of $35 U.S. per ounce under the gold standard. However following the decision of the USA to close the "gold window" and abandon the gold standard in 1970, gold rose over the next 20 years peaking at $850 in 1980. Gold then fell and 20 years later, by 2000 it was down to $279 an ounce. In recent years gold has been rising on the back of increased printing of money and large US budget deficits. By April 2006 the price stood at around $600 an ounce.

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