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Gold Mutual Funds

Gold exchange-traded funds (or GETFs) are traded on the major stock exchanges including London, New York and Sydney. The first gold ETF, namely Gold Bullion Securities (ticker symbol "GOL"), was launched in March 2003 on the Australian Stock Exchange, and originally represented exactly one-tenth of an ounce of gold. Due to costs, the amount of gold in each certificate is now slightly less. They are fully backed by gold which is both deposited and insured. The gold can be withdrawn, subject to a minimum size of 100,000 shares. Gold Bullion Securities is two-thirds owned by the World Gold Council.
Gold ETFs represent a quick and easy way for an investor to gain exposure to the gold price, without the hassle of storing physical bars. Typically a small commission of 0.2% is charged for trading in gold ETFs and a small annual storage fee is charged. The annual expenses of the fund such as storage, insurance, and management fees are charged by selling a small amount of gold represented by each certificate, so the amount of gold in each certificate will gradually decline over time. In some countries, gold ETFs represent a way to avoid the sales tax or the VAT which would apply to physical gold coins and bars.

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