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Hall of Fame

WWE Superstars - Divas

Jaime Koeppe

ECW Pendant ECW Pendant-$10.00 USD Jaime Jacqueline Koeppe (born October 13, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia) Miss Molson Indy Canada 2002 Contest Winner, Fitness Expert, and also the first winner of the WWE Diva Search in the summer of 2003. The competition was a live internet contest and there was never a WWE talent contract involved as there is with the current RAW Diva Search, but she did receive a photo shoot in the November 2003 edition of RAW Magazine as well as a great deal of publicity which jump started her career in the modeling industry. Jaime's win in the first WWE Diva Search has been credited to the overwhelming support by fans based at her official fan club which was hosted by Yahoo! and moderated by DJ Wysocki.

5'5 (1.65 cm) Jaime Koeppe is well known for having a naturally muscular and well proportioned body but special note is often made of her toned and fit buttocks and thighs.

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