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Hall of Fame

WWE Superstars - ECW

Hardcore Holly

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Robert William "Bob" Howard (born January 29, 1963) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Bob "Hardcore" Holly. He is currently working with World Wrestling Entertainment under its ECW brand.

Holly debuted in the World Wrestling Federation on January 11, 1994. His initial gimmick was that of a NASCAR driver turned wrestler, and saw him adopt the ring name Thurman "Sparky" Plugg, later changed to Bob "Spark Plug" Holly. On the April 26, 1995 episode of WWF Action Zone, Holly defeated Jeff Jarrett in a match with the WWF Intercontinental Championship on the line. However, as Jarrett's foot was on the rope during the three count, the Intercontinental Championship was declared vacant and Holly's title reign was not recognized. Later in the show, Jarrett defeated Holly to win the vacant title. In February 1998, Holly and Bart Gunn joined forces with Jim Cornette as part of Jeff Jarrett's National Wrestling Alliance stable. Holly, renamed "Bombastic Bob", and Gunn, renamed "Bodacious Bart" were known collectively as The New Midnight Express. The New Midnight Express defeated The Headbangers for the NWA World Tag Team Championship on March 30, 1998, and held the titles until August 14 of that year, when they were defeated by The Border Patrol.
Later in 1998, Holly competed in the WWF's "Brawl For All," losing in the opening round to former tag partner and eventual winner Bart Gunn. In 1999, Holly entered the race for the WWF's new Hardcore Title, billing himself as Hardcore Holly. As part of his new gimmick, he formed an alliance/rivalry with The Big Show, a real super heavyweight embarrassed by Holly's delusions of grandeur. He then teamed up with an on-screen cousin Crash Holly, with whom he won the WWF Tag Team Championships. In 2000, another on-screen "cousin" Molly Holly was introduced. Earlier that same year, Holly missed several months of ring time due to a broken arm, suffered at the hands of an errant moonsault from Kurt Angle. In 2002 Holly turned heel on the now WWE SmackDown! and began a short feud with then face and newcomer, Randy Orton. When then face, Crash Holly drafted from RAW to Smackdown! he reunited with Hardcore Holly. As a result Hardcore Holly turned face again.

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Holly suffered a broken neck during a 2002 match against Brock Lesnar. Holly was wrestling a very stiff match with Lesnar and sandbagged all of Lesnar's slams and suplexes [1]. This led to Lesnar inadvertantly powerbombing Holly neck-first onto the mat. He had a thirteen month hiatus from wrestling after surgery. Holly returned at the Survivor Series in November 2003 for revenge. He went on to challenge Lesnar for the WWE Championship at the 2004 Royal Rumble. To prove that he could take down Brock, Holly defeated the Big Show in a street fight. At the Royal Rumble Brock defeated Holly in 6 minutes to retain his title. After this he would form short-lived tag teams with Billy Gunn, and later Charlie Haas in the hunt for the WWE Tag Team Championship gold, in which he was unsuccessful with both partners.
At a 2005 SmackDown! house show in Syracuse, New York, Hardcore Holly was involved in a tag eam match with René Dupreé when Holly broke kayfabe during the match and legitimately attacked Dupree, puching and kicking the other wrestler over a speeding ticket that Dupreé had picked up whilst in Holly's rental car. Dupreé gave Holly consent to "take it out on him" in the ring, but was still fined $10,000 and told by owner Vince McMahon that he was on his "last strike" with the company. In July 2005, Holly opened the Bob Holly Academy, a professional wrestling school, in Mobile. Holly next went into singles competition trying to acquire the United States Championship from Champion Orlando Jordan. After being defeated twice by Jordan (through cheating tactics), Holly finally managed to pick up a win (but not the title) over Jordan via DQ on WWE Velocity, which aired on August 6, 2005. In September 2005, Holly began another short-lived singles feud with the metrosexual Sylvan, addressing him by the sobriquets "Sylvy-an", "Sylvester" and "Sylvia"; this feud would end with Holly winning a falls count anywhere match during an edition of SmackDown!.
Holly had then been undergoing several surgeries to repair nagging injuries. He was hospitalized after an infection developed in an arm wound. The infection was possibly career-threatening as doctors were worried at one point that the arm may have to be amputated. The subsequent treatments were a success, however, and Holly would make his in-ring WWE return at a RAW/SmackDown! supershow tapings on July 31, 2006 in a dark match, defeating Simon Dean. Holly made a surprise appearance at WWE's Extreme Championship Wrestling house show event on August 21, 2006 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, defeating Balls Mahoney. Holly made his ECW television debut the next night, August 22, appearing in a promo with Paul Heyman, and later attacking Rob Van Dam and Danny Doring during a match. Holly, as a heel, would soon join with Heyman and his other associates to feud with RVD and others. In late September 2006, Holly received 24 stitches from WWE Doctor Louis Rios in his back after an Extreme Rules match against Rob Van Dam when he landed on the metal railing of a table he was suplexing Van Dam out of the ring and through during an ECW show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Holly attained the injury early in the match but continued to wrestle for at least another 15 minutes with blood running down his back, despite his recent infections. After the match, as he was being helped out of the ring, he received a standing ovation from fans. The legit incident caused fans to cheer Holly in the following weeks, leading to a face turn and a feud with Paul Heyman's other enforcer Test. His run as a face was short lived as he eventually turned on Rob Van Dam when they were partners in a tag match. When Sabu was found unconscious in the back before the Extreme Elimination Chamber at December to Dismember, he was chosen as his replacement. Holly entered with Rob Van Dam as the first of two combatants. He was the second to be eliminated, he was eliminated by Test with a Running big boot.

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