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WWE Superstars - ECW

The Big Show

Paul Randall Wight Jr. (born February 8, 1971), better known by the ring names (The) Big Show and (The) Giant, is an inactive American professional wrestler best known for his run in World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Big Show
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At WWE vs. ECW Head to Head on June 7, 2006, Wight went to returning ECW brand by removing his RAW shirt to reveal an ECW shirt during a twenty man battle royal including members of the RAW and SmackDown! rosters against members of the ECW roster. He went on to win the match for ECW by eliminating Randy Orton over the ropes. Big Show went on to appear at ECW One Night Stand on June 11, 2006, attacking Tajiri, Super Crazy and the Full Blooded Italians after their tag team match, thus turning heel once again. On the July 4, 2006 episode of ECW on Sci Fi, Wight defeated Rob Van Dam to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship with the assistance of ECW's General Manager Paul Heyman. The victory made him the first ever professional wrestler to hold the WWE Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship and ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Over the next several weeks, Wight defeated many challengers for his title from other brands such as Ric Flair, Kane, The Undertaker, and Batista (he did not defeat Batista and The Undertaker. Batista defeated Big Show, but on disqualification, since Big Show hit him over the head with the title. His match with the Undertaker went to a no-contest after Khali interfered.) However, he lost to the Undertaker at the Great American Bash in the first ever Punjabi Prison match, acting as a substitute for The Great Khali. Proceeding this he was also in a feud with Sabu, whom he defeated at SummerSlam.
Soon after, he joined Vince and Shane McMahon in their feud against D-Generation X. At Unforgiven, Wight and the McMahons were defeated by DX in the first ever Handicap Hell in a Cell match. On November 5, 2006 at Cyber Sunday he faced John Cena and King Booker in a Champion of Champions match. The fans voted for King Booker's World Heavyweight Championship to be on the line. Booker won the match following interference from Kevin Federline, who was just beginning a feud with Cena at the time.
At Survivor Series 2006, Cena faced Big Show in a traditonal 10 Man Survivor Series Tag Team Match, with Cena and ECW newcomer Bobby Lashley leaving as the sole survivors of the match after Cena pinned Big Show after an F-U. Wight recently began a feud with Lashley, who left Smackdown! to join the ECW brand to participate in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match at ECW December to Dismember for the ECW Championship. At December to Dismember, Lashley pinned Wight, causing him to lose the ECW Championship. Following a rematch, WWE.com announced that Wight is taking time off from the ring to heal injuries he has sustained during wrestling at ECW. Wight invoked his rematch clause at the expense of Paul Heyman, guarenteeing that he would be ECW World Heavyweight Champion again. Wight did not live up to his word and lost to Lashley after being amazingly powerslammed.
On December 6, 2006, WWE had announced that Wright had left the ECW, and WWE, a "big decision" in his life. Im a raw-boned bastard that breaks things and moves the immovable objects. When Im injured, I cant do those things, said the Extreme Giant. Im much more valuable healthy both mentally and physically, and this hiatus will help me to get there."

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