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Hall of Fame

WWE Superstars - ECW

Tommy Dreame

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Thomas Laughlin (born February 14, 1971), better known by his ring name Tommy Dreamer, is an American professional wrestler who is of Italian and Irish descent who is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling for the ECW brand.


Laughlin started wrestling in the New England area as Bobby Ocean against "Curly Moe" (a wrestler with a gimmick inspired by the Three Stooges) in 1989. He soon changed his name to T.D. Madison to team with G.Q. Madison as The Madison Brothers in International World Class Championship Wrestling, where they won the tag team titles twice.

Laughlin debuted as Tommy Dreamer in 1993 for Extreme Championship Wrestling and was a mainstay there until it closed in 2001. While there he was often considered "the heart" of ECW and a number of the best remembered moments from ECW involve him, including his attacking an opponent with a Shiwala wash (a car-washing brush) while ECW was being aired on SportsChannel America. He was also the first wrestler to kick out of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka's Superfly Splash.

His original gimmick was that of a pretty boy, wearing suspenders and loose fitting tights. As time went on Dreamer evolved with the ECW mindset becoming more and more extreme. One of the catalysts for the change was his first major feud with The Sandman which saw him (kayfabe) accidentally hit The Sandman, which knocked a cigarette into his eye when he struck him with a Singapore cane. When The Sandman went down to the mat grabbing his eye Dreamer (seemingly) broke kayfabe by standing over what moments ago was his opponent and screaming about how he "didn't mean to do it" and that it was "an accident". In truth this was all a (rather revolutionary) planned out ECW angle that was designed to blur the line between real life and the world of wrestling.

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Though the blind Sandman angle was his first major feud in ECW, his most memorable came against Raven and started in April of 1995. The two, who had been (kayfabe) childhood friends, constantly brawled through ECW for over two years. They threw everything they had at each other, including Raven bringing another childhood friend Beulah McGillicutty out as a way to get into Dreamers head. Beulah was supposedly an overweight childhood friend whom was attracted to Dreamer but Dreamer was never interested in her. Raven revealed her at a live event where she now looked like a super model. Dreamer was unable to score a pinfall on Raven for the entire feud until he pinned Raven in a Loser Leaves Town match before Raven went to World Championship Wrestling.

He also feuded with Justin Credible and Shane Douglas while there, and was the main ECW representative in the ECW vs. United States Wrestling Association (USWA) feud with Jerry Lawler in 1997.

In 1999 Dreamer found himself actually teaming with his former blood enemy Raven when he returned to ECW. He would also become an ECW World Heavyweight Champion when he won the belt in 2000 from Taz, but then lost the belt just 18 minutes later to Justin Credible via interference by Francine. On the ECW DVD Dreamer stated he was annoyed by his victory over Taz because he felt he was only given the belt because Heyman knew he would not abandon ECW, and partly due to the reason he wanted to go his entire ECW career without a title reign to his name.

ECW would close its doors soon after and Dreamer would follow former ECW owner Paul Heyman to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2001 after a few appearances on the independent circuit.

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