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Hall of Fame

WWE Superstars - RAW

Carlito - Carlos Edwin Colón

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Carlos Edwin Colón, Jr. (born on February 21, 1979) is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler better known internationally by his ring name Carlito; while in his native Puerto Rico he's known as both Carly and Carlito. He is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on its RAW brand, and occasionally performs in the World Wrestling Council where he has won the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship on eleven separate occasions.

Colón started wrestling in the World Wrestling Council, where he won multiple championships. In 2003 he signed a developmental contract with WWE, and proceeded to wrestle on their subsidiary Ohio Valley Wrestling until his debut with WWE. During his time in WWE his character has feuded with stars such as John Cena, The Big Show, Ric Flair, Chris Masters, and Randy Orton. He has won the WWE United States Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship and has been part of the RAW and SmackDown! brands. He is the only wrestler to win titles in two separate debuts in WWE, and the second Puerto Rican to become WWE Intercontinental Champion.


Carlos "Carly" Colón started out performing in Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council playing the role of an almost unbeatable face. He had a long feud against Ray Gonzalez which lasted until the departure of Gonzalez from WWC. During this feud they exchanged the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship belt numerous times. Originally his gimmick was that of defender of his father's legacy. When he signed a WWE developmental contract he went to wrestle at OVW as a heel. With this gimmick change from face to heel, he had disagreements (kayfabe) with his father and brother resulting in a feud against his brother Eddie Colón. As his popularity continued to rise, WWC's writers decided for a face angle which prevails until now. As of 2007, he continues to perform there on special occasions. On December 16, 2006, he went on to win the WWC Heavyweight Championship, at WWC's event Lockout where he defeated Jon Heidenreich to win the title. However Carlito was stripped of the belt the same night, because of contractual compromises with WWE, the title was given back to Heidenreich.

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Carlito participated in the 2007 Royal Rumble, where he was eliminated by The Great Khali. Soon after the Rumble, Carlito started an angle with Ric Flair, in which Flair berated Carlito for leaving a show early and not watching the main event. Flair went on to claim that Carlito had no heart and no passion and that he does not deserve his spot on the roster. The next week on Raw, Carlito challenged Flair to a match and lost, then teamed with Flair on the following Raw to defeat the team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The next week he and Ric Flair were in a Money in the Bank qualifying match which ended in a 'no contest' when The Great Khali interfered, attacking them both. This resulted in the match becoming a triple threat match between Carlito, Ric Flair and Randy Orton; Orton came up with the upper hand in this contest. Carlito was then involved in a Last Chance 10-Man Battle Royal for Edge's spot in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 23. Carlito was in the final three and he got eliminated by Ric Flair; Edge would win eventually.

Colón expressed dissatisfaction with WWE management in an interview for not having plans to book him to appear at WrestleMania 23 and at their methods for selecting performers to push, making reference to backstage politics. However Carlito did participate in WrestleMania 23 in a Dark match in which he teamed up with Ric Flair against Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero, Flair and Carlito picked up the victory after Carlito applied a Backcracker to Chavo Guerrero. Flair and Carlito faced off against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in a number one contender's match for the World Tag Team Championship but were defeated. After some weeks of conflicts Carlito turned on Flair, attacking him during a tag team match against The World's Greatest Tag Team, thus turning heel once again in the process. He subsequently broke up his relationship with Torrie Wilson after accusing her of always taking Flair's side. At Judgment Day 2007, Carlito lost to Flair via Figure 4 leglock. On June 18, Colón's character was added to a new angle where he was attaked with a shinai by Jim Fullington under his "The Sandman" gimmick, this event happened the after Fullington was drafted to the RAW brand via the WWE Supplemental draft. As part of this angle the characters where booked to have a match on July 2, where "Carlito" defeated "The Sandman" by discualification when Fullington's character attacked "Carlito" with a Singapore cane.

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