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WWE Superstars - Smackdown

Brian Kendrick

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Brian David Kendrick (born May 29, 1979) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling on the SmackDown! brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he is currently one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions with Paul London. Kendrick has previously worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and various independent and Japanese promotions, usually under the ring name Spanky. In Japan his ring name is Leonardo Spanky, due to his resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

His first match, for the Texas Wrestling Alliance, against fellow Shawn Michaels graduate American Dragon, ended in a 10-min time limit draw and received a standing ovation. He proceeded to make a name for himself in UPW, Ring of Honor, and Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE thanks to his great ringwork and the eccentric persona he crafted for himself. Spanky competed in the 2001 King Of Indies Tournament. He was hired by then SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon after seeing his great performance in the ring. Before officially debuting as Brian "Spanky" Kendrick he wrestled on Velocity several weeks in a row, each time under a mask and using a new name that tied in with a specific cities sports team. Spanky soon played a major role in the WWE's cruiserweight division and was teamed up with Paul London. Brian's "Spanky" gimmick turned up after he interrupted then heel John Cena proclaiming his own hip-hop style was better and more cocky than Cena's own rap lifestyle. The confrontation between Kendrick and Cena resulted in Cena delivering his finisher, the FU, to Spanky, and started up a rivalry between the two wrestlers. However, Spanky was unfortunate on the rivalry after Cena won all the matches.

On January 13, 2004, Brian Kendrick requested to be released from his WWE contract for not getting enough money from house shows and to pursue a run with Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE in Japan. Kendrick had previously claimed in various interviews that he wasn't happy about Tough Enough winners getting bigger pushes, despite Kendrick working hard for his spot. He went on to wrestle for ZERO-ONE, Ring of Honor, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla for a short time. In August 2004, he signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He did not remain with the company long, only making two appearances. From January 2005 to August 2005, Kendrick competed for Ring of Honor and Zero One. On June 28th, 2005, it was confirmed that Brian Kendrick had signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Spanky appeared on numerous Velocity tapings and live shows before his first re-appearance on SmackDown! on the November 18, 2005 special edition Eddie Guerrero tribute show. He participated in a Cruiserweight Battle Royal but lost to Juventud.

During this time, Kendrick would re-team with his former partner Paul London. The team would make their first reappearance on SmackDown! during the December 2, 2005 edition. London and Kendrick continued to wrestle both as a tag team and singularly on Velocity for several weeks before being involved in a short feud with the debuting Gymini. Kendrick along with London returned to Velocity before participating in a non-title match against the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) on the February 10th, 2006 edition of SmackDown!, which London and Kendrick were unable to win. On April 7th edition of SmackDown! London and Kendrick would once again face MNM, this time picking up a win over the reigning Tag Team champions in a non-title match. London and Kendrick would continue their winning streak on the champions, including singles victories for both Kendrick and London on both MNM members Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury respectively. London and Kendrick defeated MNM at Judgment Day 2006 to win the WWE Tag Team Championship a few weeks later, thus defeating MNM in singles and tag team matches six times in a row altogether.

As WWE Tag Team Champions, Kendrick and London would go on to successfully defend their titles against other tag teams on the SmackDown! brand; including The Mexicools, The Pit Bulls, and KC James & Idol Stevens. While feuding with James and Stevens, London and Kendrick would be accompanied by Ashley who acted as a valet to the team to combat the actions of James and Stevens' manager Michelle McCool. On October 14, 2006 London and Kendrick became the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time, surpassing MNM's previous record of 145 days.Also On Www.Habbohotel.ca The Acount Name ActionFigures is now Brian Kendrick.

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