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Flexi Lite Bookmark

Flexi Lite Bookmark - $9.85 USD

Made of lightweight, flexible rubber that bends to direct a beam of super-bright LED light just where you need it, the Flexi Lite Bookmark is an exceptionally practical reading aid. It clips easily to a book or shirt pocket, providing eye-friendly illumination that allows you to read anywhere without disturbing others. Has a handy ON/OFF switch, and includes two CR2032 batteries that will last for up to 20 hours. (8 x 1-1/2 x Ľ”; 1 oz)

Pop-Out Magnifier

Pop-Out Magnifier - $7.85 USD

Its 2x magnifying lens springs out of its protective case with a squeeze of a button. Squeeze again, and a bright light turns itself on to help you read the tiniest lettering, maps and menus, even when it's dark. Includes two AAA batteries. (3 1/2 x 2 1/2"; 3 oz)

World Phone Adaptor Kit

World Phone Adaptor Kit - $195.00 USD

Be prepared for virtually every modular phone connection in the world with a package of 34 adaptor plugs that cover over 200 countries. 2˝ lb.

Storm Boot

Storm Boot - $69.00 USD

The all-weather Storm Boot by Quark™ uses the technology of DRYZ™ , Intellitemp and an anatomically correct footbed to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable for hours. The technology works to wick away moisture, regulate temperature and control odor and the growth of fungi and bacteria. The Duo-Density footbed is cushioned EVA with extra support under the arch, reducing fatigue for all day comfort. The boot also features a washable, removable, neoprene booty. The shell is a lightweight, rubber EVA with insulating air pockets and waterproof leather with a zip front.

Katadyn Water Bottle

Katadyn Water Bottle - $44.85 USD

Drink with confidence from any fresh water source in the world! Sediment and hard-to-kill protozoa (e.g., Giardia, Cryptosporidium) are filtered out; smaller bacteria and viruses are neutralized; carbon element filters out bad tasting (and dangerous) chemicals. You'll get up to 100 liters of fresh water without hoses, pumps or boiling before replacing the cartridge. Has a handy carry loop for attaching to your belt or day pack. Holds 26 oz; 11" tall, 2˝" diameter; weighs 8 oz.

Micropur MP1

Micropur MP1 - $15.85 USD

A long-awaited replacement for foul-tasting iodine, this is the only water purification tablet that meets the full EPA Water Purifier Test Standards for controlling viruses, bacteria and cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium all around the world. It's easy to use (one tablet treats one liter of water), quick (30 minutes in most cases, longer if water is extra cold or dirty), safe (more efficient than iodine or chlorine and leaves no chemical by-products) and can actually improve the taste and odor of treated water. 30 tablets per compact package. (6˝ x 2-5/8"; 2 oz)

Magnetic Ankle Brace

Magnetic Ankle Brace - $19.95 USD

Dr. Bakst creates some of the most powerful magnetic braces on the market. This neoprene brace uses neodymium and ceramic unipolar magnets, providing 50 times more magnetic volume than conventional magnets. Strategically and anatomically positioned magnets provide optimum effect. The top-quality, breathable neoprene retains soothing body heat. This brace is also lightweight, comfortable and flexible enough to allow unrestricted motion, and fits easily inside most shoes. Finally, the magnetic ankle brace features eight anatomically placed magnets with 15,000 Gauss power. A hook-and-loop strap makes adjustments easy. Measure around the ankle joint. One size fits all from 6 1/2" to 16" circumference. Caution: Do not use if pregnant or if you have a pacemaker or other electronically implanted devices.

Far Infrared Knee Support, Each

Far Infrared Knee Support, Each - $9.95 USD

The effectiveness of this four-way stretch support depends on ceramic far infrared emitting elements. These elements, composed of oxides of zirconium, aluminum and zinc, have been the subject of studies around the world and are believed to retain body heat to reduce inflammation and pain. The knit sleeve stretches in all directions, promoting strength and circulation and providing comfortable support for the knee. Light compression counteracts tissue swelling. Fibers have an anti-bacterial treatment that inhibits bacteria growth. Measure the knee around the kneecap, then select your size from above. Caution: Contains latex. Click here to see how the far infrared brace provides warmth and compression.

MiracleBack  Pillow, Each

MiracleBack Pillow, Each - $39.95 USD

Use this heart-shaped orthopedic cushion for as little as 20-45 minutes to relax muscles and relieve discomfort in the lower back. MiracleBack gently tractions the pelvis, opening joint spaces and relieving compression of the discs and nerves. MiracleBack is also especially helpful for stomach sleepers, supporting the abdomen and pelvis. Click here to view the diagram of how the MiracleBack gently tractions the pelvis to relieve compression of discs and nerves. If you are under a Doctor's care for your back, please consult prior to usage.

Bed Cradle

Bed Cradle - $49.95 USD

If you suffer from sensitive legs and feet, trying to get a good night's sleep can sometimes be a nightmare. This lightweight aluminum bed cradle eliminates the discomfort caused by the weight of bedding on your feet. The tent fits neatly under the edge of your mattress, keeping your top sheet and blankets from touching your feet and lower legs. Stay warm and move freely. Easy-adjust height.