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brothers friends of the elderly

brothers friends of the elderly

Swiss Army™ Knife

Swiss Army™ Knife - $44.85 USD

Every travel book lists a Swiss Army Knife as a must to pack. Ours is genuine Victorinox, with Swiss precision engineering and all the tools most needed by travelers. Includes a large and small blade, can opener, corkscrew, tweezers, three screwdrivers (including one for eyeglasses), wire stripper, reamer, key ring, tweezers, toothpick and even an LED flashlight! (Be sure to pack it in your checked luggage.) Ruby. (3 x 1 x ; 3 oz)

Easy Spot Handle Wraps

Easy Spot Handle Wraps - $14.85 USD

Yes, that one is my bag!" Easy Spot Handle Wraps save you from sifting through a jumble of bags on the luggage carousel only to walk away with the wrong one. They're easy to spot and easy to personalize with any permanent marker. Just Velcro one of these brightly-colored, durable nylon grips around a handle or strap, and find your luggage instantly. One of the most popular products in our retail store! Made in the USA. Three per package. ( oz)

Bi-Fold Wallet

Bi-Fold Wallet - $14.85 USD

The Bi-Fold Wallet is roomy enough to hold all your cash, credit cards and receipts, and still fits comfortably in your back pocket. Deceptively slender with a fold-over Velcro closure that keeps contents secure, this handy wallet has an interior vinyl window that lets you show your ID without removing it, three credit card slots, three internal security pockets, and a double-wide bill compartment with an interior divider for separating currencies or denominations. Made of durable 500-denier nylon. Available in Black, Charcoal or Midnight. (4-1/2 x 3-1/4"; 1 oz)

Pin Care Gel Hospital Mattress

Pin Care Gel Hospital Mattress - $339.95 USD

"Previously available only to hospitals!! Unique construction of the Pin Care Gel� mattress covered in the Staph-Check Fusion Fabric cover. This special fabric was developed specifically for pressure management products. The zippered cover reduces lateral shear, is anti-microbial, bacteria resistant, fluid proof, flame retardant, resistant to stains and tears, and non-allergenic. The soft, two-way stretch material immerses you in the support layers while allowing easy movement on, off and in the bed. Replacement covers are available. Measures 6x35x80 in. Delivery via UPS Ground. Mattresses are non returnable."

Roylan Wrap-On Thumb Support - Large Left

Roylan Wrap-On Thumb Support - Large Left - $36.95 USD

"This thumb support provides warmth and compression to reduce pain in the thumb and wrist. Ideal for preventing overuse while allowing unrestricted hand movement. Place thumb in sleeve, and wrap around hand for a secure fit with the hook-and loop closure. Hand wash, air dry. Measure your wrist circumference for correct size: Specify size and Left/Right. X Small 5 - 5 � in., Small 5 � - 6 in. Medium 6 - 6 � in., Large 6 � - 7 in. X Large 7 - 8 in."

Thermoskin Universal Arthritis Elbow Wrap - Large

Thermoskin Universal Arthritis Elbow Wrap - Large - $29.95 USD

"Measure circumference of arm just below the elbow to determine size.X Small 7 � - 8 � in., Small 9 - 10 � in., Medium 10�-11� in, Large 12-13� in., X Large 14-15� in, XXLarge 16-17� in"

Rolyan Thermal Rx Shoulder Wrap - Large Left

Rolyan Thermal Rx Shoulder Wrap - Large Left - $55.95 USD

"Measure evenly around the fullest part of your expanded chest for correct size.X Small 33-35in, Small 35�-37 � in., Medium 38-40 � in., Large 40 � - 43in., X Large 43�-47� in, XX Large 47 � - 51 � in. Specify size and Left/Right"

Rolyan Bunion Splint - Left

Rolyan Bunion Splint - Left - $34.95 USD

Ideal soft toe splint to reduce pain after a bunionectomy by positioning the great toe correctly. Constructed of Fabrifoam slip-resistant material to keep support in position for enhanced comfort. Helps prevent deformity by encouraging proper alignment of the great toe.

Ring Zipper Pull

Ring Zipper Pull - $3.95 USD

"Attach this 1 in. metal ring with a clasp hook to any regular zipper tab to make zipping easier. Ideal for jackets, purses, suitcases, etc. Three per package."

Shampoo Aid extender

Shampoo Aid extender - $10.99 USD

"This lightweight, durable tray rests comfortably on a person's shoulders to make shampooing easier. Ideal for anyone who has difficulty reclining backwards into a sink for shampooing. Tray has raised edges to channel water; the center hinge adjusts for different heights and folds for storage or transporting. Optional extender adds up to 6 in. to lengthen tray and provide additional head support."