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cancer elderly

Perma Ty Elastic Shoelaces

Perma Ty Elastic Shoelaces - $5.95 USD

"Once you place these stretch elastic laces in your shoes, tie them once and then slide your shoes on. These regular looking laces stretch to allow your foot just slip into and out of the shoe. Great for sneakers, men's or ladies dress shoes. 3 pairs of laces per package."

Lotion Applicator

Lotion Applicator - $9.95 USD

"Use this specially designed lotion applicator to apply lotions, oils, creams or medications to hard to reach areas. 12 inch long built-up ribbed handle has a thumb rest and is angled in two areas for maximum maneuverability. Replacement sponges available."

Button Aid and Zipper Pull

Button Aid and Zipper Pull - $9.95 USD

"People with limited use of their fingers and hands will benefit from this double-duty dressing aid. The handy built-up soft grip rubber handle has a formed wire buttoning aid at one end and a brass hook at the other end for pulling zipper tabs. Small and handy, only 8 3/4 in. long."

Nail Clippers on Base

Nail Clippers on Base - $19.95 USD

Clip your nails with a simple push of a lever using these stainless steel trimmers. Fingernail clippers are mounted on a heavy plastic block with two rubber suction cups that adhere to a smooth table or desk to allow for easier trimming.

Big Lamp Switch

Big Lamp Switch - $9.95 USD

This knob has three large spokes to create more leverage for turning lamp switches. Just unscrew and remove your regular switch and replace with this one. Fits most standard lamps. Knob is 2 inches in diameter.

Knob Turner

Knob Turner - $17.95 USD

"Make turning odd shaped control knob easier by using more leverage. Press the turner onto a knob and the pins contacting the knob's surface retract, while the remianing pins surround the knob for a secure grip. T shape handle is 5 and 1/4 inch long. Knob bottom measures 2 1/4 inch in diameter."

Easie Eaters

Easie Eaters - $9.95 USD

"Lightweight and easy to grip curved utensils. These curved utensils are offered for right-handed or left-handed users. Set includs fork and spoon. Designed by an O.T. Dishwasher safe. Comes in bright colored red, blue or purple (sorry, no color choice). Shield helps prevent utensils from being placed to far into mouth."

Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand

Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand - $21.95 USD

Portable 19 inch hairdryer stand. Includes a durable metal holder and base. The flexible neck adjusts to any angle. Fits all hand-held dryers. A bands secures blow dryer in place. Great for home. (Hair dryer not included).

Compression Stocking Aid

Compression Stocking Aid - $29.95 USD

"Made specially for putting on those hard to apply compression stockings. Works like a regular sock aid. The flexible plastic form has grooves to catch the stocking and prevent it from popping off. Pull the compression hose over the form, insert your foot and pull the cord to bring the hose up onto your leg and position properly. "

Long Handle Shoe Horn

Long Handle Shoe Horn - $2.95 USD

Use this long handled shoehorn to help slide shoes on without bending. Constructed of break resistant plastic. Occupational therapist recommend the curved design.16 inches long.