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Assistance for the senior

Assistance for the senior

EZ Spray Handle

EZ Spray Handle - $15.95 USD

This lightweight but sturdy plastic adapter fits most household and personal care aerosol cans. Large handle and adjustable trigger make spraying simple. Easily moved from one can to another. Great for anyone who hates pushing little spray can buttons with painful fingers or arthritic hands.

Lotion applicator replacement sponges

Lotion applicator replacement sponges - $4.95 USD

"Use this specially designed lotion applicator to apply lotions, oils, creams or medications to hard to reach areas. 12 in. long built-up ribbed handle has a thumb rest and is angled in two areas for maximum maneuverability. Replacement sponges available."

Tube squeezer

Tube squeezer - $8.95 USD

Use this tool to simplify squeezing most any tube and reduces waste by getting all of the contents out. Just turn the key on the side to dispense product. The empty tube wraps around the key inside the plastic shell. Accepts metal or plastic tubes up to 2 in. wide.

Bath Kit

Bath Kit - $19.95 USD

You can use this bath kit to make cleaning your feet much easier! Foot brush and toe cleaner mounted on an extra long handle is a great tool for people with limited bending. Replacement wedge tips available.

Compression Stocking aid large

Compression Stocking aid large - $31.95 USD

"Made specially for putting on those hard to apply compression stockings. Works like a regular sock aid. The flexible plastic form has grooves to catch the stocking and prevent it from popping off. Pull the compression hose over the form, insert your foot and pull the cord to bring the hose up onto your leg and position properly."

Compression Stocking aid small

Compression Stocking aid small - $29.95 USD

"Made specially for putting on those hard to apply compression stockings. Works like a regular sock aid. The flexible plastic form has grooves to catch the stocking and prevent it from popping off. Pull the compression hose over the form, insert your foot and pull the cord to bring the hose up onto your leg and position properly."

Deluxe Flexible Sock & Stocking aid

Deluxe Flexible Sock & Stocking aid - $19.95 USD

Use this tool to put your socks on without bending over. Great for anyone who has difficulty bending due to back problems or total hip replacement surgery. The thin plastic sheet is shaped to fit into a sock and keep it open for the foot to enter. Pull the sock onto your foot by pulling the cloth straps that are attached to the upper end of the plastic sheet.

30-Pair Free Standing Shoe Rack, Each

30-Pair Free Standing Shoe Rack, Each - $39.95 USD

Clean up your closet fast with this convenient, free-standing shoe rack. Extremely sturdy and stable. It holds both shoes and shoe boxes. Steel and polymer construction clicks together in a matter of seconds. Accommodates 30 pairs of shoes in or out of boxes.

Jockey Long-Handled Shoe Horn

Jockey Long-Handled Shoe Horn - $9.95 USD

Sometimes you need help getting shoes on, but a short-handled shoe horn just doesn't cut it. Jockey is our 24" long metal shoe horn with spring action. Extremely lightweight, it makes easy work of putting on virtually any shoe. Size doesn't matter. Budget doesn't either. The Jockey fits any budget.

UpEasy Lift Cushion, Each

UpEasy Lift Cushion, Each - $99.95 USD

When limited mobility or arthritis threatens to slow you down, UpEasy Lift cushion will keep you moving on your own. No more "rocking" out of your seat. Self-powered UpEasy lift cushion uses hydraulic pressure to lift up to 80% of your weight. Available in 2 different weight capacities: regular for 95 lb.-220 lb. and large for 200 lb.-340 lb. Order by your weight above.