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Pro-Tec  Achilles Tendon Strap, Each

Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap, Each - $19.95 USD

Even if inflexibility is starting to creep up on you, don't let that slow you down. The Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Support applies focused compression on the Achilles tendon while providing lift to the heel, reducing stress where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel. CoolMax covered felt with hook-and-loop closure can be easily adjusted for just the right amount of support.

ProArch  3/4 Orthotics, Pair

ProArch 3/4 Orthotics, Pair - $19.95 USD

When a faulty stride or extended walking causes the plantar fascia (the band of connective tissue that runs from your heel to your toe) to stretch too taut, you feel the severe heel and arch pain of plantar fasciitis. ProArch Orthotics with its flexible, prescription-quality polypropylene "arch spring" shell provides the right support for your arch. The fabric-covered, Euduron foam cover ensures maximum cushioning and foot shock protection. The 3/4 length gives a perfect fit when you require extra toe room. Order by men's/women's shoes size above. Click here to view the polypropylene "arch spring" that flexes as you walk.

Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced And Widowed Seniors

Seniors in Love: A Second Chance for Single, Divorced And Widowed Seniors - $13.97 USD

No Synopsis Available

The First Session With Seniors: A Step-By-Step Guide

The First Session With Seniors: A Step-By-Step Guide - $42.30 USD

No Synopsis Available

Digital Video Editing for Seniors

Digital Video Editing for Seniors - $20.96 USD

No Synopsis Available

Stretching for Seniors

Stretching for Seniors - $15.99 USD

Start Each Day with Energy! Begin your morning on a positive note, with gentle stretching to limber up for your active day ahead. Ann Smith, dancer and renowned teacher for people over 50, guides you through safe, no-strain exercises that help increase circulation and vitality. The 30 minute workout is set to soothing classical music.

Silicone Gel Arch Insoles, Pair

Silicone Gel Arch Insoles, Pair - $29.95 USD

Silicone gel insoles are known for their superior shock absorption capabilities, and these insoles are no exception. A double thick, cobra shaped longitudinal arch support enhances the ultra-thin design of our insoles. These silicone insoles fit in most shoes (even shoes without a removable insole), and once inserted the double thick silicone pad forms around your foot to add support and extra cushioning to the sensitive areas below the arch and heel. Great for sufferers of metatarsalgia, diabetic feet, fat pad atrophy, Morton's neuroma, plantar or heel pain. Order by men's/women's shoe size above.

Bio Balance  Anti-Pronation Insoles, Pair

Bio Balance Anti-Pronation Insoles, Pair - $19.95 USD

For people who overpronate when they walk, feet hit the ground off balance, causing ankles to roll inward, leading to foot and lower body pain. Now, overpronators can get the special support they need. Bio Balance Anti Pronation Insoles are slanted from the center to the inside, helping to correct foot misalignment from the heel to the forefoot, as you walk. Made from a shock-absorbing, visco-elastic material that won't bottom out, these insoles reduce the excessive pronation that flattens arches, stretches the foot's soft tissue, and puts stress on your entire lower body. A very thin, slick design fits comfortably inside most shoes, even those without removable insoles. Order by shoe size above. Click here to see the placement of the insoles and how they support to relieve overpronation.

ArchCrafters  Custom Full Length Insoles, Reorder, Pair

ArchCrafters Custom Full Length Insoles, Reorder, Pair - $99.95 USD

Get your second - and all future pairs of ArchCrafters custom insoles in a fraction of the time. Simply place your order for new pair here and we'll take care of the rest. Your name and shipping address will locate your foot impressions kept on file at ArchCrafters . Once we process your order, new insoles will be made and shipped to you within days. Keep extra insoles on hand to help control improper foot motion, relieve heel pain and rescue stress on your back and knees. Reorders only. For new custom insoles, go to item 10049 - ArchCrafters Custom Full Length Insoles.

American Benefits for Seniors: Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement

American Benefits for Seniors: Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement - $22.46 USD

No Synopsis Available