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assistance for the elderly

Comfort Head Rest

Comfort Head Rest - $21.85 USD

Revolutionary "two-puff" air valve system allows for easy inflation and comfort adjustment with one button, and pillow folds into itself when deflated.

Comfort Eye Shade

Comfort Eye Shade - $9.85 USD

Block out the light and sleep soundly anywhere with this comfortable eye shade from Eagle Creek. It has a contoured design with soft fleece lining and a wide elasticized band with quick-release buckle. Made of poly micro-fleece. (9 x 3-1/2”; 1 oz)

Lights Out Sleep Mask

Lights Out Sleep Mask - $9.85 USD

Scientists have long known that REM sleep is the most crucial part of the sleep cycle. This lightweight, luxuriously cushioned mask blocks out light, and is specially molded to allow complete eye movement (unlike many eye shades that can press against your eyes) for a deeper, more restful sleep. Has an elasticized strap with Velcro closure for a comfortable fit. (9-1/2 x 3-3/4 x 1/4"; 1 oz)


TanTowel - $19.85 USD

These handy towelettes contain an odorless, colorless tanning solution that works with just a single application and won't streak, stain, or wash off. It dries in seconds, lasts for up to seven days, and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. You'll never go back to messy bottles, creams or foam! 10 towelettes per order. (4 x 2-1/2 x 1/8"; 1 oz/pkt) Made in USA!

Dental Emergency Kit

Dental Emergency Kit - $29.85 USD

Our compact, easy-to-use Dental Emergency Kit gives you the relief you need until professional help can be obtained. It treats toothaches, broken crowns and dentures, lost fillings, and more, and includes rinse cups, temporary cement, tamping tool, tweezers, anesthetic gel, mouth mirror, sterile gauze pads, cotton pellets and balls, dental wax, floss, Ibuprofen, anti-microbial wipes, oil of cloves, temporary filling material, and instructions. (7-1/2 x 3 x 1-1/4"; 3 oz)

Large Super Shopper

Large Super Shopper - $24.85 USD

Constructed of heavy-duty nylon with lockable zippers, it packs compactly into its own zippered pocket and unfolds to become a spacious tote bag that’s large enough to hold all your bargains and then some. Durable, lightweight and water-resistant, it wipes clean in seconds. (22 x 18 x 7”; folds to 8 x 8”; 15 oz)

Mesh Cube Set

Mesh Cube Set - $14.85 USD

A Magellan’s exclusive! Mesh Cubes have nylon mesh on the top and sides for easy viewing. Great for socks, hosiery, lingerie, t-shirts, and more. Set of three includes two small (10 x 7 x 4”) and one large (13 x 10 x 4”) (10 oz)

Small Leather Phone Tote

Small Leather Phone Tote - $26.85 USD

Quit scrambling for your cell! The Touch Tone Phone Totes keep it close at hand. These unique cases have a handy clip that attaches to the strap of any purse or daybag to keep your phone (or glasses) within easy reach. Made by Hobo of Italian leather, they're fully lined and have a Velcro® closure. Small (5 x 3"; 1 oz)

Eagle Creek’s ORV Gear Bag

Eagle Creek’s ORV Gear Bag - $124.00 USD

This handsome duffle from Eagle Creek has a spacious main compartment with removable padded dividers that allow you to customize the interior any way you choose. The wide-mouth opening makes packing a breeze and offers ready access to contents, and the versatile three-way carry system includes hideaway backpack straps, a padded carry handle, and comfortable shoulder strap. A front panel organizer keeps essentials such as passport, tickets, ID, and other important documents at your fingertips. Constructed of 100% Cordura fabric, it’s well padded on the bottom, back, and sides to protect contents from bumps and jolts. (26 x 10 x 13"; 3 lb)

Metro-Safe Shoulder Bag

Metro-Safe Shoulder Bag - $34.85 USD

This lightweight bag has stainless steel wire embedded in both the strap and front panel, and a ZipSafe clip on the strap that attaches to the main zipper to foil pickpockets. Interior features include a padded pocket for cell phone or camera, five slip pockets for passport, ID and credit cards, a pen slot, and key clip. The front zippered pocket with mesh divider keeps frequently used items close at hand. 600-denier nylon. (8 x 7 x 2-1/2"; 11 oz)