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WWE Superstars - ECW


Andrew "Test" Martin (born Andrew J. Martin on March 17, 1975) is a Canadian professional wrestler, currently performing for the ECW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), under the ring name Test. In 2005, Martin legally changed his name to Andrew Test Martin in order to regain legal ownership of his ring name, which was trademarked by WWE

In 2002, Test made it to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament, facing the eventual winner, Brock Lesnar. Despite both being heels, Test played the face in the match, and nearly defeated Lesnar until Paul Heyman interfered. Test later formed "The Un-Americans" along with Lance Storm, Christian and William Regal, culminating in a match with the Undertaker at Summerslam which he lost. In October 2002, Stacy Keibler became Test's onscreen girlfriend and "Image Consultant". She instructed him to cut his hair and switch his customary leather trousers for short tights (it was rumoured that WWE Management were concerned that he resembled Kevin Nash, and wanted him to change his appearance). Stacy dubbed Test's fans "Testicles", theorizing that The Rock had the people, Kane had the Kaneanites and Hulk Hogan had the Hulkamaniacs, so Test should have the Testicles. Test feuded with Chris Jericho after he "accidentally" knocked out Stacy with a chair shot aimed at Test, eliminating him from the 2003 Royal Rumble.

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Test formed a tag team with the returning Scott Steiner, and began to mistreat Stacy after he became suspicious of her relationship with Steiner. The partners split and began vying for Stacy's managerial services. Test eventually defeated Steiner, winning the services of Stacy and announcing his intentions to "make her my whore". He defeated Steiner again, forcing him to become Test's manservant. Steiner then turned heel by attacking Stacy, blaming her for having to take orders from another man. Test freed Steiner from his obligation, and the pair became a tag team once again. The two challenged for the World Tag Team Championship on more than one occasion, but came up short. Test's last notable feud in WWE was with Steven Richards, who scored three upset victories over Test.
Test underwent neck fusion surgery in July 2004 under Dr. Lloyd Youngblood. On November 1, 2004, Test was released from WWE along with his previous tag partner, A-Train, and Billy Gunn. This was somewhat controversial, as Test was still in rehab for his injured neck, and it is often considered good protocol for an employer to wait until the employee is well enough to work before releasing them. Test returned to the ring in May 2005, and began accepting bookings with various independent promotions. His most prominent role in the independent circuit was in Kishi's Nu-Wrestling Evolution, where he took on the nickname "Big Foot", due to his Big Boot finishing move. On March 22, 2006, WWE announced that Test had verbally agreed to return to WWE after competing in dark matches before RAW and SmackDown!. Subsequently, vignettes began to play during ECW on Sci Fi, announcing that Test was coming to the Extreme Championship Wrestling brand of WWE. He made his debut on the July 4, 2006 episode of ECW, defeating Al Snow, and punting Head into the crowd after the victory. Test's first real angle in ECW placed him as part of a feud between new ECW and old ECW stars, first teaming up with Mike Knox, and enveloping other newcomers, The Big Show and Matt Striker, against "ECW originals" Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and The Sandman.
On the November 7 episode of ECW, Test defeated Tommy Dreamer to earn a spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at December to Dismember. At December to Dismember, Test competed in the Extreme Elimination Chamber for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and eliminated Hardcore Holly and Rob Van Dam before being pinned by eventual winner Bobby Lashley.

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