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Hall of Fame

WWE Superstars - Extremists

Al Snow

Allen Blake Sarven (born July 18, 1963 in Lima, Ohio) is a professional wrestler better known by his stage name of Al Snow. He currently works in World Wrestling Entertainment for their ECW brand.

In the mid-1990s, following a notable term in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, Sarven began his career in the WWF under numerous gimmicks such as Avatar (Which was supposed to be an unusual superhero gimmick with Sarven putting on a mask before the match) and Shinobi (Which was a generic Ninja-style gimmick). He also competed in and lost a match against Marty Jannetty under the name Steve Moore. Sarven received his first mainstream exposure with the WWF as Leif Cassidy, the heel tag team partner of Marty Jannetty. The duo was promoted as "The New Rockers", a throwback to the 1980s team of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Eventually, the storyline was dropped and Sarven was reduced to jobbing for mid-carders. In the late 1990s, WWF and ECW began to cross-promote their organizations to counteract the success of WCW. Sarven was one of the wrestlers sent to ECW.

Within this new environment, Sarven found success as the character Al Snow. In this role, Sarven received a lot of fan and management support for his J.O.B. Squad storyline, which promoted him as being angry with and driven mad by his years as a jobber for WWF. He would come to the ring with a mannequin head that he talked to as if it were a real person, which in turn prompted ECW crowds to chant "We want head", an intentional double entendre. His popularity was enhanced with his choice of entrance music, "Breathe," performed by The Prodigy. ECW promoters handed out styrofoam mannequin heads out at wrestling shows, and audience members started waving them and shouting, "Head! Head! Head! Head!" in time to his entrance music. Then the entire audience threw the heads into the ring before the match started.
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